Ben James Wood
Artist, maker, tour manager, driver, other.
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European tour manager, driver and merchandiser

European tour manager, driver and merchandiser

This is my eighth year, driving across the UK and Europe, managing all aspects of tour including itinerary, budget and accounts, accommodation, transport and backline, and designing, sourcing and selling merchandise, for bands on their first visit to Europe and established artists. As a DIY musician I've also toured comprehensively for fifteen years and promoted indie shows in my hometown, Yeovil, UK. I take my sewing kit in case anyone needs buttons attached or holes mended.

Whilst tailoring a tour to the needs of an artist, I choose to create a positive, friendly, inclusive and non-aggressive/confrontational environment. I do my best to ensure comfort, safety, wellbeing and success, find the best food, take in the best sights and keep things cost effective and on budget. I will not source illegal drugs or make unreasonable demands on others' behalf, just to be clear, you know.

In 2010 I helped to form the tour company Elephant Riders with my friend Seb and I've since had the pleasure of touring with the incredible, international artists listed below. I love to collect memories, stories and photographs and share experiences through collage and words. Get in touch via the contact form to discuss your tour, how I can help and pricing.