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Zealous the dragonborn

A few months ago, on the 14th floor ("You know what floor you're really on") of a block in Haggerston, East London, I began playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends for the first time. Two hours deep, following a very slow, tedious and fairly confusing introduction, I realised it was something I'd been seeking in my life since I was a child. I love D&D, it's the kind of imagination workout and social adventure/escape from an electronic world that I crave, the same thing that made me start making teddy bears and riding a bike.

My character, a green skinned, lilac haired, poison breathing, dragonborn monk named Zealous, has completely unintentionally developed many of the personality traits and physical attributes that I lack. When I think like Zealous I'm an astute, confident, straight talking, tough, intellectual, spiritual, uncompromising athlete. I buy the cantaloupe, cut open the cantaloupe, throw away the seeds and eat the flesh. I get things done and I take the time to enjoy them.

The first ever visualisation of Zealous is on the cover of my new EP, Fruit Guilt that came out yesterday. Maybe you missed it, maybe you're embarrassed for me, it doesn't matter really, I'd appreciate if you take a moment to check it out and share it with your friends.

Thanks to all who have listened, purchased and been in touch so far, you warm my heart!