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TOURING: Now, Now, May 2018


The merchandise table is where the optimists and lovers go.

They already know this will be the best night of their lives, since the last.


They're proud, excited and ready, and I'm with them.

That's a lot of expectation to take care of for the first hour or two before show time, never mind the frantic thirty minutes after, but I know these people like I know myself, and it sure beats backstage - The underworld of sedated longing and self-doubt.

Out here among the street queuers and repeat attenders, you quickly learn how important a band is. Not importance like monetary value or political influence, even popularity in numbers. Rather, the extent to which people not so much enjoy the band as need it.

Some groups affect their fans. They connect with greater depth and meaning. It's no myth that at certain times in certain lives a band can mean everything.


We're thirty minutes into the opening night at Tufnell Park Dome in London and I know Now, Now is special. Unique, even. I'm rooting for them and I only met them a few hours ago.

It's in my interactions with fans and friends - understanding what everybody's been through to be here, in realising that Brad from the band designed all the items on sale tonight, including the support band's t-shirt (Why is this so rare? Who are the artists around here?!) and in the care taken by the band and crew to welcome me.

The new Now, Now record, 'Saved', their first in six years, finally saw its release during our two weeks together. The incredible relief met the fear of the unknown. The thrill of hearing the new songs sung back in Manchester met the knowledge that the hard work had only just begun, in Berlin. It was intense.

I captured about 10% of the intensity with my Onki 336. The remaining 90% is fully accounted for in my words. Please find all the evidence waiting for you below, hope you're into it.

I'm grateful to my friend David for inviting me. I love Now, Now and I'm optimistic. Find me at the merchandise table.